Let’s make your glasses last looooooonger

#1 - Wipe

Don’t use a tissue, sponge or even your sleeve: the best solution is a microfiber cloth like the one we offer to you. It will prevent the lenses from getting micro-scratches which can hamper your vision.

#2 - Wear

Your nose is in fact the best place to wear your glasses (they fit perfectly). Avoid placing them on your head or hanging them on your shirt: it can distort the frame and they tend to get broken or dropped.

#3 - Wash & pamper

Softly & kindly. With appropriate sprays, or liquid soap and cold water. Nope : dishwasher or bleach are not an option.

#4 - Check-up

Every 6 months, come say hi and bring your glasses along: we’ll be happy to give them a check-up and fix, adjust, clean, and generally take care of them. If the hinges are not properly tightened, breakage is more likely.

#5 - Safe in (any) case

On your nose or in their case, not in your pocket or your handbag where keys (a classic!) or other objects can scratch the lenses.

#6 - Unscratch

The word doesn't even exist: so why would you want to do it? If you notice micro-scratches on your lenses, don't scrape them, it will make them worse, trust us (clue: in fingernail, there is the word nail). It's better to ask your optician for advice or repair.

#7 - Keep cool

Glasses are not like sunflowers: they hate the heat. Keep them well away from any heat sources. Don’t allow them sunbathing on the beach or having a drink on a terrasse if you are not wearing them… Even leaving them in the sun by the window can damage or distort the frame.

#8 - Repair

We know the DIY (Do It Yourself) is highly trendy… But even if you find the best tutorials ever on internet: repairing yourself your glasses could harm them. It’s worth asking to a professional instead. Meaning us.

#9 - Hold

They have two temples. You have two hands. That’s a match! Always make sure to hold and manipulate your glasses with both hands to avoid bending them.

#10 - Strike a (good) pose

Always leave your glasses on their properly folded temples, never on the lenses side. It is, in a way, the equivalent of the recovery position for humans.

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When you come visit us, don’t forget to bring back your unused or broken glasses: we’ll give them a second life! DbyD eyewear is sold exclusively in-store and online at Grand Vision retailers.

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