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  • What is DbyD?

    DbyD intends to help consumers live a fuller life with fewer things through a pared-back aesthetic celebrating the freedom that comes from less. DbyD offers optic and sun frames for men and women who are looking for quality accessible essentials.
    DbyD is a brand by GrandVision, a global leader in optical retailing. DbyD products are sold exclusively in store and online with our retail partners below. GrandVision provides unique high-quality and affordable eye care solutions to more and more consumers worldwide. The high-quality eye care offered by GrandVision includes a wide range of services provided by its vision experts. From prescription glasses including frames and lenses, contact lenses and contact lens care products, all the way through to sunglasses both plain and with prescription lenses.

  • How to choose your frames?

    Your glasses and sunglasses are meant to help you see but also to express your personality. Some frames can even allow you to change your look. Share your tastes and desires with partner opticians who can help you find the frame that's right for you. Until your next visit to one of our stores, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your frames:

    • The lower part of your glasses should not touch your face, or even your cheekbones when you smile.
    • Check that your eye is well centered in the lens and your eyelashes are not in contact with the lenses.
    • Respect the line of your eyebrows. They must not be concealed by the frame of your glasses, nor be visible in the lenses.
    • The frame of your glasses should be between the outer corner of the eye and the end of the temple.
  • Can my correction influence the choice of eyeglass frame?

    Yes. Frames should first be chosen based on the required vision correction. The advice of your expert optician is essential.
    Do you have mild myopia? If so, you have no particular constraints on your lenses and can therefore wear all types of frames.
    Do you have severe myopia? Your choice is more limited. Opt for smaller frame circles to minimize the thickness at the edge and a plastic material to hide the thickness of the lens. For best results, we recommend opting for thinner lenses.
    Are you highly hyperopic? Choose a larger frame with aspherical lenses to limit the 'magnifying effect' on your eyes.
    Do you need progressive lenses? Your frame must offer a minimum height. Your glasses are thicker in the center; today, there are solutions to limit the magnifying effect. In order to guarantee optimum comfort, certain models of glasses are therefore excluded.

  • What does 'pupillary' correspond to? How can I calculate it?

    This is the distance between the center of the two pupils from the center of the nose. For more information: Ask your ophthalmologist or optician to take this measurement using a pupillometer. Find your pupillary gaps using an old file and / or authenticity card if you wear glasses. Ask a loved one to take a picture of you at a distance of 2 m, place a card or card of 85 mm on your forehead so that our opticians can correctly use the picture and determine the pupillary distances.

  • How to order glasses online?

    Ready to make a purchase? First, select your country and identify one of our partner retailers - you will be redirected to the distributor website for your country. On the e-merchant's website, follow the different ordering steps:
    Choice of product type
    Model selection and options
    Before ordering corrective lenses, you must have your prescription indicating your eye correction.
    Click on order validation
    Click on confirmation coordinates
    Make the payment

  • Can I adapt DbyD products to my eyesight?

    We can tailor our products to your sight needs. Simply follow the online procedure of our online partner retailer or go in store with your prescription to enquire about how to adapt our products to your eyesight. For more questions, click here to identify store near you.

  • Where can I buy DbyD?

    DbyD products are sold exclusively in GrandVision retail stores or online. To find a store near you, click here.

  • How do I maintain my glasses?

    Like any material, your lenses undergo normal wear and tear due to their use. We recommend that you wipe the lenses down with a microfiber cloth before each use. Your expert optician will give you one with your purchase. Are your glasses dirty? Suitable sprays exist. Otherwise, wash them in cold water with liquid soap (hot water damages the treatments). Wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Avoid paper towels that scratch glasses. Products containing harsh chemical compounds such as bleach are also strongly discouraged.

    Discover 10 top tips to make your glasses last loooooooonger.

  • How do I choose the right frame size?

    If you already have a pair of glasses, you can use the references of your current pair. The size of the glasses is printed on most prescription or sunglasses on the inside of one of the temples. These measures consist of three numbers (52-18 140 for example). These figures are expressed in millimeters and correspond to the following measurements: width of the lens, width of the bridge then length of the branches.
    From one model to another, the references won’t be exactly the same: the width of the lens and that of the bridge depend essentially on the shape of the frame. The most important is the measurement of the height of the lens and the total width of the frame.
    On the site of our partner e-shops, all products have a description of size information. You can even try on your glasses online to check the fit of the glasses with your face shape.
    Need more advice? Make an appointment now with a partner optician to try our products.

  • Return and Exchange

    Considering a return or an exchange? Contact the store where you bought the pair of glasses for advice and assistance in returning the product. Don't forget to bring your invoice or your order number. The merchant will share with you the procedure to follow. Please note, the returns process is different for purchases made online and in store.

  • What does Sustainability means for DbyD?

    DbyD sustainable journey has just begun! The brand works on different sustainable developments to bring positive change to the people and the planet. Our ambition is to become a spearhead of sustainable design and development within the eyewear industry. By improving step by step the raw material, product design & supply chain, we work toward giving accessible eco-friendly eyewear at a global scale.

  • Are all your frames and packaging sustainable?

    DbyD has meticulously selected innovative materials to drastically reduce the impact on the environment : our sunglasses assortment, for instance, use 100% of them.

    Packaging is also a key area that DbyD is working on. A microfiber pouch made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester is available when purchasing a DbyD frame! In parallel, we are also creating a sustainable semi-rigid case that will be available in-store from October 2021. This case will guarantee more protection for your new frame and facilitate transportation.

  • What's the difference between regular acetate and bio-acetate?

    Regular acetate is made of cellulose granules obtained from natural component (such as wood pulp). The cellulose is mixed with a pigment and an oil-based plasticiser to improve its physical characteristics and workability.
    Bio-acetate made by Mazzucchelli 1849 is made of cellulose acetate and a planted-based plasticiser. Traditional plasticizer has been replaced by a plasticizing solution of vegetable origin, thus making M49 a bioplastic with a remarkable bio-based content. Biodegradable and recycable, bio-acetate is better for the planet!

  • Renewable content of DbyD Bioacetate basic collection: where are we? Where we go?

    GrandVision is working on the percentage of renewable content for the main components that are used to do the DbyD frames and sunglasses. The improvements for this collection are focused on the M49-bioacetate, CR39 for the sunlens and acrylic for its demo lens used on optical frames. 


    • M49 cellulose acetate contains in its own structure made with 68% of bio content and 32% of fossil carbon that is used in order to maintain the technical characteristics, workability and flexibility of the cellulose acetate. Grandvision, together with its partner Mazzucchelli, is working on the possibility to replace the portion of the material made by fossil carbon with the one obtained from recycled content. This technology is brand new on the market and exists since 2020 only. 
    • CR39 material, used for the sunlens is a plastic polymer belonging to the polyester class. Currently this material does not contain recycled content yet as it is technically not possible. CR39 is however recyclable. Grandvision has designed DbyD sunglasses product using this specific lens material as it is one the most durable on the market and has strong resistance properties. Grandvision R&D is studying alternatives solutions containing recycled content in its sunlenses whithout any compromise on durability and quality.  
    • For acrylic material, there is no available material on the market containing recycled or renewable content when DbyD bioacetate line has been developed. Grandvision is working on alternatives to improve the percentage of renewable content in its demo lenses: investigations are led with the support of RFH (Regional fulfillments Hub) where the lenses are cut and edged to recycle the ones from frames and turn into new ones.  
    • There is no renewable content in Hinges -nickel/silver (0%) and Screw (0%) yet. 

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