Re.invented with Re.Metal

It’s time to make a difference, reimagine, and restart. Explore new recycled and affordable eyewear, designed to be your natural fit. Discover Re.Metal, the latest collection by DbyD, made with 60% recycled metal and with bio-based and recycled acetate end tips.

A timeless style 

No fast-consumption mindset: the DbyD Re.Metal collection never goes out of date. Comfortable to wear all day long, thanks to its ergonomic design with integrated flex hinge. Crafted to always be the perfect match.

A renewed material 

The essence of regeneration in its purest form: the DbyD Re.Metal collection features sustainable materials,  restored to a new life. Made with 60% recycled metal, with bio-based and recycled acetate end tips.

Reinventing glasses from scraps

The Re.Metal collection is the result of many years of innovation research, looking for ways to reinvent the market with an offer that is both accessible and raises the bar regarding the use of recycled materials with 60% recycled metal sourced from electronic products and industrial scraps. 

Enjoy a durable relationship. 

Where to buy?
When you come visit us, don’t forget to bring back your unused or broken glasses: we’ll give them a second life! DbyD eyewear is sold exclusively in-store and online at Grand Vision retailers.

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Our frames are designed to fit all face shapes, lifestyles and aesthetics.
We bet they will be a natural fit.