Styles that stay connected to nature with bio-acetate frames composed of recycled and renewable materials. Designed with the planet in mind and your lifestyle in sight.


Sleek, sustainable, long-lasting styles that shine
a light on nature.


Connecting accessibility with quality in essential,
enduring styles.

Frames that put nature right before your eyes.

Bio-acetate is composed of cotton and wood pulp fibres, blended with a plasticizer derived from natural sources. This makes DbyD Bio-acetate* 100% biodegradable, recyclable, non-irritant and skin sensitive.

nature impact

Better, together.

Made in partnership with Mazzucchelli 1849, the leading manufacturer of acetate, the DbyD Bio-acetate* collection uses M49, a cellulose acetate that comes from wood, whose cultivation and harvest are responsibly managed according to the Forest Stewardship Council.


DbyD is the first eyewear brand to receive this certification on the whole product for its adult bio-acetate collection. This certification is a big achievement for our long-term efforts. For 5 years now, DbyD has been working hard for more responsible products.

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When you come visit us, donโ€™t forget to bring back your unused or broken glasses: weโ€™ll give them a second life! DbyD eyewear is sold exclusively in-store and online at Grand Vision retailers.

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